zondag 25 juli 2010

steering and front suspension

For steering and front suspension i use the system from my 8865-1 Set (Test Car). The frontmodule is build studded because of this. In the A-model of the 8856-1 set every wheel has two schock absorbers. I adapted it to use six for one wheel to compensate for the weight of the motors and batteries.

Steering is driven by a pf-minimotor. I added a rotation sensor (2977c01) to make a digital differential possible.

NXT-motors and independent rear suspension

The truck is driven by 4 NXT-motors. Only the 4 rear wheels are driven.

After several fiascos i concluded connecting the wheels (almost, one stud distance given by the gearwheel is needed to prevent the tires to touch the wheels) directly to the motor is the best way to provide a lot of torque.

 I use a motor as a liftarm for suspension.

I found it difficult to switch from studded tot studdless building. Laurens Valk helped me by sending a picture his first studdless model to show me that everybody has a learning proces. He was also very helpfull by answering questions about NXT before a bought one.